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Why entrepreneurs are moving beyond the Next Big Thing to solving the Next Big Problem

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A new book, Planet Entrepreneur, published to coincide with the upcoming World Entrepreneurship Forum in Singapore has highlighted the need for entrepreneurs to work with policy makers and world leaders to create a ‘New Humanism’.

From energy to education, social needs to social media, a new generation of global entrepreneurs have the opportunity to fundamentally change the planet for the better.

Whether it is climate change, pollution, poverty, economic stagnation, or underemployment – the world needs innovative, workable solutions more than ever.

Through real-life examples, Planet Entrepreneur explains where the entrepreneurial revolution is headed and explains how anyone can become more entrepreneurial.

Written by members of the World Entrepreneurship Forum, the first global think tank fully dedicated to entrepreneurship, each chapter focuses on different aspects of the challenges and opportunities currently being encountered and solved by entrepreneurs, including:

• The cutting-edge ideas and real-world skills that today’s best entrepreneurs use most often

• Using technology to solve real-world problems

• Social entrepreneurship and the end of charity

• Empowering women and minority entrepreneurs

• The global rise of the self-employed entrepreneur

• Opportunities for improving housing, food, sanitation, among the world’s most needy people

• Making the marriage of business and the environment work for all

• Social media as a launching pad for your ideas

Planet Entrepreneur also outlines how entrepreneurial ‘eco-systems’ can be developed by young and old to provide sustainable growth to benefit the whole planet. From Detroit to Delhi, the teenage tech-whizz and rebel retiree can be part of an entrepreneurial eco-system that helps to provide wealth and social-justice for all.

Planet Entrepreneur explains how the world’s best entrepreneurs are making a profit or meeting a pressing social need, and how you can too. Today’s problems are too urgent and the implications for our future too dire to ignore.

We are now all living on Planet Entrepreneur.

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