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Hi, I started working on financial sector 10 years back. During my college and work days, I always struggled to find the one-stop-shop for financial jargons & concepts which are explained in simple way. I realized there must be thousands of professionals who must be struggling like me. is an attempt to create an absolutely FREE resource for all business professionals, students, to understand a new funda, or update a old concept or just to browse around.

About me: I am currently working as principal consultant and partner in Cambridge Global Partners (CGP) – an international management consulting firm and working on my PhD in Risk Management at University of Edinburgh Business School.

I am  MBA in Finance, Fellow of Insurance Institute of India (III) and Associate of Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), London. I have distinction of being youngest women Fellow of III in the country. My area of interest is Finance, Insurance and Risk Management.

This website is a completely free resource, you can use it the way you want. You are welcome to contact me for sharing any new article, concept or views.

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