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Do you walk the talk or talk the walk? What is right for you?

In General on January 24, 2017 at 3:08 am


Fig: Walk your talk, but not in opposite direction

When you talk the walk, you follow a famous scientist Gene Woolsey, Known as Dr Robert. E.D, Woolsey (late eminent professor from Colorado), described how it is effective and warned for its consequences. He defined: “a pencil is crutch, a calculator is a wheel chair, a computer is an ambulance” instead of using your brain to analyse the issues. In practice when you talk about your walk, you define your own ways and discuss what would be your future course of actions. You as a leader, put forward your vision, business context and ideas for future. It is not the market who is defining you, it is you who is defining the market. The question arises when a problem is analysed what should be first few steps and how it relates to talk the walk and walk the talk.

There is no short cut to problem solving for a leader without understanding what the problem is and how it is originated. If the problem in a state/city such as Delhi or Beijing is pollution, why this is so, how long this problem persists? Follow up is with pondering about alternative and choosing the most appropriate one for implementation. Reliability of leadership is evaluated on the basis of how a leader walks the talk ‘whatever a leader speaks should be reflected in his/her actions’. If leader talks about action but does not implement them, he/she can be easily admonished for not walking the talk.

 Another saying is if you are going to ‘talk the talk’ which we usually see in elections, public expects ‘walk the walk’. The actions should speak louder than work and the practices the leader preach.

What do you do?

          You talk the walk (Innovation, new actions and vision to resolve problem)

          You walk the talk (Keep value of your words and promises of taking actions)

          You talk the talk (Speak to build the confidence of public and series of actions)

          You walk the walk (Work, work and work without speaking what you have done)

  1. I walk the talk but also talk the walk depending on the situation… I liked this article which is of different taste… will be a frequent visitor of your blog.. 🙂

  2. Thanks Ashish. I am occasional writer, but do subscribe to the blog and share on the social media

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